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Technological Solutions for the Fisheries, Aquaculture, Food and Environment sectors.

MAREXI is a Spanish company established in the city of Vigo in 2004. Its promoters are the technologist Joaquín Gracia and the scientist Iñaki Miniño, who over the years have been joined by engineers, physicists, mathematicians and biologists, to form a multidisciplinary team capable of facing the different challenges that arise.

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MAREXI has technical offices and R&D&I laboratories in Vigo and Palma de Mallorca, equipped with the necessary infrastructure to carry out all its projects.

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MAREXI designs, manufactures and commercialise its products, which allows customisation and speeds up the service to its customers. In order to offer maximum guarantees at international level, MAREXI has agreements with international leaders in the industrial machinery sector for the manufacture, installation, maintenance and marketing of some of its products.

Our MISSION is to PROVIDE VALUE through technological development, execution of innovation projects and research activities, resulting in new marketable products.

Our VISION is to be an international reference in the development of new technologies for the sectors in which we work.


Quality certifications 01

Qualified by the Xunta de Galicia as a Technology-Based Employment Initiative (I.E.B.T.) company

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Innovative SME certification, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

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Selected Company

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Company financed

by Enisa


Experience 01

Galician Aquaculture Technology Platform.

Experience 02

Spanish Technological Platform for Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Experience 03

Galician Fishing Technology Platform.

Experience 04

Spanish Technological Platform for the Protection of the Coast and the Marine Environment.


Experience 05

Spanish Association of Canned Fish Manufacturers.

MAREXI has been developing solutions for the fishing, aquaculture and land-based processing industries for more than 15 years.

We stand out for being pioneers in technological developments based on artificial vision applied to industrial processes (both for the processing industry and for the fishing and aquaculture sector), such as the automatic detection of species applied to classification and the reduction of accidental catches in fishing boats, the modernisation of peeling and classification processes, as well as the application to the control and improvement of food health, such as the detection of deformities and diseases in fish and other marine products and the detection and extermination of parasites.

We have collaborated with many companies, both in Spain and internationally, often in direct contact with Official Organisations, Universities and Research Centres.

Today we have a catalogue of proven products that are accessible on the market, with the capacity and technical recognition to meet the new needs that our clients present to us anywhere in the world.


MAREXI’s R+D+i strategy involves the generation of new ideas, projects, products and services with a high degree of innovation. This implies a continuous technological surveillance of the sector, being very close to the customers and knowing their needs perfectly, in order to develop products that satisfy them and that the R+D carried out is reflected in the company’s progression.

The products we market are the property of MAREXI; some are patented (or in the process of being patented) or approved by independent organizations. All of them are CE marked.
Based on the different technologies in which we have experience, we are currently innovating for the following sectors:

Fishing Industry.
Development of equipment for vessels in search of adding more value to their final product: e.g. analysis of catches and production, control of discards, extermination of parasites in the viscera that are returned to the sea and devices in nets to avoid accidental catches of dolphins and other cetaceans.

Food and canning.
We bring innovative improvements to industrial processes such as the automatic classification of fresh or frozen fish by species and weight, laser marking of packaging and food, detection of parasites and product quality (e.g. presence of foreign bodies such as plastic, hair, paper, etc.).


This is a sector with great technological needs, among other solutions we have the first sorting system that automatically detects fry with deformities, as well as other acoustic equipment for fish control and guidance.

Environment and Health:

We offer technological solutions for automatic, remote and real-time monitoring of water quality parameters, which are capable of detecting spills in port and off-shore areas and facilities.