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Pinger® 5 Units


The PINGER® is an acoustic device developed to avoid accidental capture of dolphins and other marine mammals in fishing gear.



  • The on/off function by automatic salt water detection provides a longer operating time for the device uptime.
  • The low battery indicator comes on automatically, illuminating a flashing red light, indicating that the PINGER® has reached the end of its service life and should be replaced by another one.
  • Avoiding possible noise pollution in the marine environment in case of accidental loss, our PINGER®, after 48 hours of uninterrupted submersion, activates the silent mode. Once the PINGER® is removed from the water, normal operation is automatically reactivated.
  • The stainless steel cable used as a clamping element allows any configuration of fastening element, including plastic cable ties, shackles, ropes, etc.
  • The plastic material of the device is a technical advanced polymer, with a very high resistance to the abrasion and impacts, formulated with protective additives against the degradation produced by the ultraviolet solar radiation UV and other external agents existing in environments as the marine.

This acoustic deterrent device for Dolphins and other Cetaceans is in accordance with the European Union Council Regulation EC 812/2004 of April 26th 2004, Annex II. That specifies for this PINGER® model that its installation in the fishing nets must be carried out maintaining a maximum space between devices of 200 meters, with an acoustic device fixed to each end of the network or combination of joined nets.


Frequency: 10 kHz ±2kHz
Tonal Pulse duration: 300ms ±15ms
Repeat Interval: 4 s ±0.2s
Sound Level / Radial range: 145dB re 1μPa @ 1m ±4dB / Omnidirectional >120 meters
High Frequency harmonics: Yes
Saltwater Switch: Yes
Battery Test: External Red LED
Logic of Control: Microprocessor Texas Instruments MSP430
Protection Circuit: Against electrostatic discharges.
Acoustic transducers: 2 x Piezoceramic discs. Resonance frequency matched.
Life: : ±9500h (>13 month 24h/day continuously. Lab. test)
Maximum Operative Depth: 500m
Fixings: 2 X Stainless steel wire rope - Transparent rubber jacketed.
Materials body: Technical Polymer with UV protection chemical additive.
Materials fixings: AISI316 Stainless Steel - Transparent rubber jacketed.
Materials water contacts: AISI316L surgical grade stainless steel.
Color: Black
Dimensions: 129mm X 45mm (Ø)
Weight in air: ±315g
Weight in water: ±120g
Storage: Dry place 3 Years