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The solution against Anisakis.
Acts directly in the marine ecosystem, minimising the problem of parasites in fish at source.

TEDEPAD® eliminates, with total effectiveness, 100% of the parasites found in fish viscera generated on board fishing vessels in the usual evisceration processes.

TEDEPAD® is the only fish parasite extermination equipment that has obtained full recognition at European level and is scientifically and technically validated on board industrial fishing vessels.

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  • The first system designed to treat the viscera generated when processing fish on board fishing vessels, with the aim of completely exterminating their parasites, especially Anisakidae, so that the viscera can be returned to the sea without negatively affecting marine ecosystems.
  • Allows sustainable fishing by avoiding biological risks in the marine environment.
  • Significant impact on the image of vessels that have implemented its use, contributing to the sustainability of the marine ecosystem.
  • The design of TEDEPAD® is completely adaptable to the vessel. Its installation does not require major modifications to the vessel, as it is inserted directly into the existing waste extraction pipes in the fishing fleet.
  • TEDEPAD® does not modify the work habits in the fishing park nor does it alter the established production flows.
  • Works automatically without the need for additional manpower.
  • Very low maintenance. Incorporates an internal self-cleaning system.
  • The TEDEPAD® complies with all safety requirements, certified with CE marking.


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Product Tedepad Mod.1

Tedepad® Mod. 1

Equipment for offshore and deep-sea fishing parks with a length of more than 20 metres. Longline, purse seine, trawling, others.

Product Tedepad Mod.2

Tedepad® Mod. 2

Equipment for fishing parks of fishing boats. Longliners, dinghies, etc.

Product Tedepad Mod.3

Tedepad® Mod. 3

Equipment for the decks of small boats, without fishing park or for installations with workbench.

Product Tedepad Mod.4

Tedepad® Mod. 4

Equipment for land-based installations, fish processing factories or harbours.

Product Tedepad Mod.5

Tedepad® Mod. Custom

Specific equipment, sized for large vessels. Configurable dimensions and power.

The TEDEPAD®, inactivation technology has been successfully tested in different vessels of the Galician fleet and validated by the CSIC in the framework of the European PARASITE project.

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