Artificial vision

Marexi is Pioneer in technological developments based on artificial vision applied to industrial processes.

Different methods are used to provide automatic inspection and analysis based on images for different applications, such as automatic inspection, process control and guidance of mechanical manipulators and robots. In Marexi the experience and constant innovation allows us to combine the most advanced techniques and new software and hardware products to solve customer needs.

Hyperspectral technology allows us to combine spatial information with spectral information, in order to capture and process a large number of wavelengths, extending the range of human vision, from the ultraviolet, through the visible, to the short wave infrared (SWIR), and to know both chemical and physical properties of the inspected materials.

Through optical profilometry we obtain 3D images with a very high resolution of an object; whether it is a whole fish, a portion of it or any other food. Our exclusive techniques allow us, in a single process, in addition to knowing exactly its size and shape, to correctly estimate its weight; by eliminating the problems of laser diffraction on ice and frost, we obtain much additional information about the state of the surface of the material where the laser beam hits.


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Artificial Intelligence

Marexi applies Artificial Intelligence technologies in its development of solutions for the marine sector.

Artificial intelligence applied to vision systems is basically talking about machines that are more intelligent than traditional vision systems used to classify objects by shape and colour.

With artificial intelligence, machine vision goes far beyond visual inspection. The equipment developed by Marexi interprets and understands shapes, calculates volumes, differentiates textures, and then, for example, can correctly separate fish by species, weight or disease, detect parasites or bones in portions of fish, know the degree of freshness or ripeness, as well as many other processes or elements. We then create artificial neurons connected to each other, which work in the same way as human neurons, exchanging a large amount of data and providing a response adapted to the needs to be solved.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are specifically developed by Marexi to improve the overall efficiency of a specific industrial process. In general terms, they improve the quality of the products, increase the performance of the production line, reduce the labour costs and technify the personnel who will carry out higher added value jobs.